„With full focus on our situation and interests, the team around Dr. Bartels bundled their energies, always asked the right questions and helped us seal the deal. Great!“

Jan Christiansen
CEO Diersch & Schröder GmbH & Co. KG


The Diersch & Schröder company group was founded in Bremen in 1920. Today it employs over 700 people in the energy and chemicals industry. Its main business activities are petroleum import and wholesale, tank storage logistics, fuel and lubricant supply to consumers, and fuel station operation. In September 2018 Diersch & Schröder acquired the Kreuzmayr Bayern Group. The acquisition became effective 1 April 2018. This was a logical continuation of the company’s growth strategy in the petroleum business, from classic wholesaler and importer to energy trading house.


The Kreuzmayr Bayern Group headquartered in Garching, Germany, deals primarily with classic products like fuels, heating oil, pellets, electricity, gas, lubricants and AdBlue®. The group also operates many public and commercial petrol stations and a tank storage depot in Weiden. The group has ten subsidiaries in Germany.


A multidisciplinary team of tax experts, lawyers and M&A specialists around Dr. Kai Bartels assisted Diersch & Schröder at every stage of the process. The core of our services was the due diligence performed by our Hamburg Corporate Finance team for finances and the Tax Team for taxes.

The Munich Legal Team performed the legal due diligence, reviewing the legal status of the target. Subsequently the M&A Team took the lead in the draft, mark-up and negotiation of the purchase contract. During this intense phase the teams assisted Diersch & Schröder, protecting and asserting the buyer’s interests.


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