„Through the comprehensive support of the Hamburg M&A team I was able to institute a sound succession plan for my company, with its special business model.“

Uwe Schüschke
Managing Partner Schüschke GmbH & Co. KG


Since its founding in 1986 Schüschke GmbH & Co. KG near Stuttgart has positioned itself as a specialist in washbasins made of mineral materials for various markets. Especially in the aviation industry, the company has established itself as a reliable partner of leading manufacturers, and an important supplier for aircraft interiors.
The sole shareholder and CEO, Uwe Schüschke, was looking for a succession solution, operatively as well as on the capital side. In December 2015 this goal was reached through the sale of a majority of the shares to Silver Investment Partners. Together the new partners will manage the transition and align the company for future growth.


Silver Investment Partners (SIP) is an independent investor for the equity capital financing of small and medium-size companies. SIP focuses on firms with annual revenues between 10 and 50 million euros. Its managing partners have long and extensive experience in the equity finance industry. Acquisition of Schüschke GmbH & Co. KG gives SIP access to the growing aviation industry market.


The Hamburg M&A Team around Dr. Bartels first identified valuation parameters, options and investor groups. Based on this, they prepared a comprehensive international marketing process. In addition to preparing detailed sales documentation and approaching potential investors, the team assisted the seller in all phases of the demanding transaction process. Careful work on the due diligence and contract negotiations contributed greatly to the success of the transaction.


Schüschke GmbH & Co. KG




The sole shareholder sold a majority share to Silver Investment Partners


Assisting the shareholder in the sale


December 2015