We know the motives of sellers, and thanks to our sector-specific knowledge we find the ideal complement to your company. We’re used to working both discreetly and in competition with other interested parties, and approach sellers and negotiate on your behalf. We develop your offer, negotiate the most important conditions, and coordinate due diligence to protect your interests.


If you aren’t financing the acquisition from your own resources, we help you procure the capital to do so, or find and use the right combination of both. If your growth strategy requires it, we enable access to all the important private equity houses, in Germany and around the world.


We put you in touch with tax and legal experts from our network who can optimize your transaction structure, and we can also help with planning and executing the integration of the acquired company. We have experience in consulting for public companies, and work with capital market specialists to reach your goals.

Individual, confidential, goal-oriented:
We’ll be glad to advise you in all matters.

Make an appointment for an uncomplicated initial conversation. Here, you can download a PDF showing an outline of the typical processes in a company acquisition.

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Managing Partner

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