“The team impressed us with their clear structure and unusual commitment to the transparency and progress of the process. Their high motivation was evident at all times and helped greatly in moving the transaction ahead.”

Klaus Ulrich
CEO Lehren- und Messgerätewerk Schmalkalden GmbH


For 80 years LMW has produced high-precision gauges and measuring instruments at its location in tradition-steeped Schmalkalden. With annual revenues of around 11 million euros and 200 employees, LMW occupies an attractive niche in the measuring instrument market. The Marposs Group of Italy has 3280 employees and is active in the same field.


The M&A Team again satisfied a medium-size client needing help with the complex task of selling a company. With an understanding of the needs of the other party, WKGT moderated the interests of both and guided them to a successful conclusion of the transaction.


The M&A Team around Dr. Kai Bartels assisted the LMW shareholders in the initiation, preparation and execution of the transaction. Through intensive research it was possible to identify an ideal selection of financial investors and strategic prospects. The LMW shareholders then entered negotiations with the Marposs Group, resulting in the signing of a purchase contract in October 2018. With the integration of LMW in a complementary product portfolio, the Marposs Group was able to continue its expansion, while LMW gained a strategic orientation with a promising future outlook.


Lehren- und Messgerätewerk Schmalkalden (LMW)


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